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Mayor's Office

Welcome to the City of Valley, Alabama - an Alabama Community of Excellence (ACE). 

Valley is located in east central Alabama, immediately south of Interstate 85 as it crosses from Alabama into Georgia. We are 75 miles south of Atlanta and 85 miles north of Montgomery. Auburn University is 25 miles south. We also have local access to Southern Union Community College , Columbus State University and Troy University. Valley is only a few miles from the new KIA Motors site in West Point, Georgia - a sister city. The official estimated population here is 9,524 according to 2010 US Census estimates. 

Valley is a mixture of new and old. Our new city will only be 33 years old on May 20, but it was formed by incorporating four old, historic textile mill villages - Fairfax, Langdale, River View and Shawmut. These villages were created long ago to house employees of southern textile mills which were located in the center of each village’s life. Now, once home of the largest textile company in the world, that industry is gone.  Taking its place is the automobile industry, with KIA Motors USA and its supplier companies moving in and hiring nearly 10,000 people.  Our city is becoming a pleasant, modern bedroom community with easy access to jobs, recreation, culture and nature.

Three main areas of interest exist here. One is the natural environment provided by the Chattahoochee River and its islands, banks, and parks. Another is the city’s rich history associated with the southern textile industry. Valley has 18 official historic landmarks and all four mill villages are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Alabama Register of Historic Places. The third area of interest is our close association with sports, recreational activities and wellness. Valley citizens and non-resident members enjoy racquetball, indoor swimming, basketball, exercise machines, martial arts and gatherings in the conference rooms of our 54,000 square foot Community Center.

The Valley Community Center sits next to a new 8,000 seat football and track stadium, five ball fields, several soccer fields and six tennis courts - all competition grade facilities. In the immediate area are walking trails and an amphitheater overlooking a fountain and pond.  New commercial sites are nearing completion with many nice ammenities such as classical design street lights, new landscaping and modern LED traffic signals. This area will be Valley's center of development for a while to come.

Valley also maintains a 7 mile hike-bike trail (CVRR Trail) constructed on the old Chattahoochee Valley Railroad bed which runs through all four textile mill villages.  The CVRR Trail is used daily and has been the site of many events. It is another example of how we, as a community, have found new ways to use old assets.

Valley is a progressive town. We have won many awards, including the Outstanding Planning Award given by the Alabama Chapter of the American Planning Association in 2000 - the Millennium Year, in which we were designated an official Millennium Community by the White House. The planning award was evidence of our dedication to modern planning and management practices.

Please come to visit us. Stop by Valley City Hall - We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

Mayor Leonard Riley