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February 12th City Council Meeting

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Date: 2/13/2018 8:37 am
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The Valley City Council held its first regular scheduled meeting of February on Monday, February 12th, 2018, in the Council Chambers at Valley City Hall.

Mayor Leonard Riley called the meeting to order at 6:00PM. The invocation was given by Councilmember Henry Cooper and Councilmember Jimmy Gilson led the Pledge of Allegiance. All members were present except Councilmember Lana Wiggins who passed away on January 9.

The following public hearings were held before official council business:

  • Confirm Costs at 2506 12th Avenue
  • Access lien on property at 3242 U.S. HWY 29
  • Vacate a portion of 57th Street

The February 12th financial audit report for the city was given as follows:

  • Checking account previous balance.................. $5,450,104.76
  • Total deposits all funds......................................... $2,461,798.32
  • Total expenditures all funds................................. $1,654,072.75
  • Total on-hand all funds......................................... $6,257,830.58

During the Mayor’s Communication, the following occurred

  • Councilmember Story read and presented to James Jackson a proclamation declaring February 18-24 as Arbor Week in the City of Valley

The following actions were taken by the city council at the February 12th meeting:

  • Approved the minutes from the January 22nd, 2018, council meeting
  • Accepted the February 12th financial audit report
  • Approved unanimously the following resolutions on the Consent Agenda
    • Resolution 2018-033R authorizing the mayor to enter into an agreement with the Greater Valley Area Chamber of Commerce
    • Resolution 2018-034R authorizing the mayor to enter into an agreement with WOW!
    • Resolution 2018-035R authorizing the mayor to seek bids for grading and removal of dirt on the commerce side at the Valley Industrial Park
    • Resolution 2018-036R declaring property at 121 Patton Hill Road as a public nuisance and authorizing the abatement of the nuisance
    • Resolution 2018-037R giving Parks and Recreation Director Laurie Blount permission to seek bids for resurfacing of the gym floor and pool deck at the Valley Community Center
    • Resolution 2018-038R authorizing a lien of  $2,232 be imposed on property at 2506 12th Avenue owned by Deborah Taunton
    • Resolution 2018-043R, which was added from the floor, authorizing a lien of  $14,389.65 be imposed on property at 3242 U.S. HWY 29 owned by DARAKAR-HILLCREST FUEL MART, INC
  • Approved unanimously Resolution 2018-039R amending the city’s Solid Waste Program
  • Approved unanimously Resolution 2018-040R awarding the bid, which was the only bid received, for paving to Chris Clark Grading and Paving. The approval is based on the unit price of the paving quoted in the bid submission and not the total amount of the price quoted in the bid submission
  • Approved unanimously Resolution 2018-041R giving permission to apply for a Recreational Trails Program Grant. The city will commit $69,300 of the proposed $346,500 project cost with the grant funds providing the remaining $277,200
  • Heard the first reading of Ordinance 2018-03 declaring it unlawful for any person in the city to allow the house or building in which the people live or own or the premises around the house or the alley or street abutting the premises to become or remain in an unsanitary or unsightly condition

The council cast paper ballots to select who would fill the District 5 seat vacancy. Cassie Carlisle was selected by a 4 to 3 vote.

The council passed unanimously Resolution 2018-042R declaring Ms. Carlisle as the person elected to fill the District 5 council seat vacancy. She will be sworn in at the February 26th council meeting.

The council meeting adjourned at 6:36PM.