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July 10th City Council Meeting

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Date: 7/13/2017 7:31 am
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The Valley City Council held its first regular scheduled meeting of July on Monday, July 10th, 2017, in the Council Chambers at Valley City Hall.

Mayor Leonard Riley called the meeting to order at 6:00PM. The invocation was given by Councilmember Jim Jones and Councilmember Randall Maddux led the Pledge of Allegiance.

All members were present.

The July 10th financial audit report for the city was given as follows:

  • Checking account previous balance.................. $4,975,671.42
  • Total deposits all funds............................................ $428,465.61
  • Total expenditures all funds.................................... $441,863.97
  • Total on-hand all funds......................................... $4,962,273.06

The following actions were taken by the city council at the July 10th meeting:

  • Approved the minutes from the June 26th, 2017, council meeting
  • Accepted the July 10th financial audit report
  • Approved unanimously the following resolutions on the Consent Agenda
    • Resolution 17-076R renewing the annual agreement with the City of Auburn Department of Public Safety to provide adjunct law enforcement services to Auburn University and the City of Auburn Department of Public Safety
    • Resolution 17-077R permitting the consumption of alcoholic beverages at a benefit event to be held August 12, 2017, at the City’s Lakeview Property
    • Resolution 17-078 accepting the bids of Toby Boyd, which were the highest of the seven bids received, for the following surplus city vehicles
      • $3,425.51 for a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
      • $1,000.00 for a 1998 GMC Yukon SLT
  • Approved unanimously Resolution 17-079R permitting the use of the old hangar section of the Shawmut Airport Property for the creation of a STEM Outreach Center for the Community Outreach Project of Jackson Blank’s Eagle Scout Project
  • Resolution 17-080R was pulled from the agenda on the advisement of City Attorney Jones
  • Approved unanimously Resolution 17-081R authorizing the adoption of amendments to the rules and regulations of the City’s 2002 mandatory solid waste program
  • Adjourned to Executive Session to discuss real estate negotiations
  • Returned from Executive Session and approved unanimously Resolution 17-082R amending the contract with Hand Holding Company/Henry Hudson Co for the conditional sale of the Langdale Mill property

Mayor Riley announced that effective August 1, 2017 the city would start enforcing Ordinance 2007-34 regarding garbage service. The ordinance requires the owner of rental property to be responsible for paying the trash bill for their properties. He also gave notice that a public hearing might be held at the next city council meeting on the bond issue if Amendment 772 was used.

The mayor adjourned the council meeting at 6:41 pm.