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June 11 City Council Meeting

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Date: 6/13/2018 12:34 pm
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The Valley City Council held its first regular scheduled meeting of June on Monday, June 11th, 2018, in the Council Chambers at Valley City Hall.

Mayor Leonard Riley called the meeting to order at 6:00PM. The invocation was given by Councilmember Jimmy Gilson and Councilmember Jim Jones led the Pledge of Allegiance. Councilmember Paul Story was absent.

The June 11th financial audit report for the city was given as follows:

  • Checking account previous balance.................. $6,596,185.39
  • Total deposits all funds............................................ $794,960.65
  • Total expenditures all funds................................. $2,431,839.09
  • Total on-hand all funds......................................... $4,959,306.95

During Citizens’ Communications, Elbert Sanders addressed council on a complaint concerning dogs in the 61st Street neighborhood running free and not using their owners’ property for their “personal hygiene” needs.

The following actions were taken by the city council at the June 11th meeting:

  • Approved the minutes from May 14th, 2018, council meeting
  • Accepted the June 11th financial audit report
  • Approved unanimously the following resolutions on the Consent Agenda
    • Resolution 2018-086R imposing a lien of $65.00 on property at 2201 58th Street
    • Resolution 2018-087R imposing a lien of $60.00 on property at 408 LaFayette Street
    • Resolution 2018-088R imposing a lien of $60.00 on property at 410 LaFayette Street
    • Resolution 2018-089R imposing a lien of $60.00 on property at 2106 42nd Street
    • Resolution 2018-090R imposing a lien of $65.00 on property at 5609 16th Avenue
    • Resolution 2018-091R imposing a lien of $65.00 on property at 5607 19th Avenue
    • Resolution 2018-092R imposing a lien of $60.00 on property at 5201 20th Avenue
    • Resolution 2018-093R imposing a lien of $65.00 on property at 1516 55th Street
    • Resolution 2018-094R imposing a lien of $65.00 on property at 2401 36th Street
    • Resolution 2018-095R imposing a lien of $125.00 on property at 115 Church Street
    • Resolution 2018-096R imposing a lien of $50.00 on property at 23rd Boulevard
  • Resolution 2018-097R authorizing the mayor to enter into agreement with Alabama Power for LED street lights
  • Resolution 2018-098R rejecting the only bid received for resurfacing the gym floor and pool deck in the Valley Community Center and authorizing the Mayor to renegotiate the bid for a lower price
  • Resolution 2018-099R rejecting the two bids received for refinishing the pool in the Valley Community Center, the bids were deemed excessive

Council went into executive session at 6:21pm to discuss real estate negotiations. Council returned at 7:03pm and approved unanimously the following resolutions:

  • Resolution 2018-100R authorizing the purchase of property owned by Burney Farms LLC, Burney Acres LLC, and S. L. Burney IV and Sandra S. Burney
  • Resolution 2018-101R authorizing the purchase of portions of the Fairfax Mill property from Eac Enterprises LLC pending the results of a bounding survey with easements located on the boundary survey

The mayor made the following announcements:

  • The next city council meeting would be June 25

Council adjourned at 7:09PM.