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City of Valley Police Department

Located in the City Hall Complex, 20 Fob James Drive, Valley, AL

Law enforcement is the only occupation whose employees may be authorized to use deadly force in certain situations. Lives depend on having well trained police officers that are emotionally and physically fit. Citizens want and expect a police force that is professional in every way. Having a good working relationship between police officers and citizens is important.

Valley has a professional police force of 29 sworn police officers and two civilian officers who are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of Valley citizens in Law Enforcement and will serve each day to the best of their abilities and will treat all people with respect.

The Valley Police Department is happy to check on businesses on a regular basis. Please fill out the  Police After Hours Form if you are interested in this service.

Citizen input in the form of compliments, comments, concerns, and criticisms are encouraged.

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When Stopped by a Police Officer, remember:

  • Police Officers are trained to ask for identification. Providing your documentation will simplify and speed up the process.
  • Traffic stops are a very important law enforcement function, which maintains safety throughout our community.
  • Remain in your vehicle unless the officer advises otherwise. Keep your hands on the steering wheel so the officer can see them.
  • If the stop occurs during darkness, please turn on your dome light so that the officer can see that all is in order.
  • Bright spotlights are used for the safety of all persons involved. They are not meant to intimidate or embarrass you.
  • The officer may issue a ticket. If you feel the reason is unclear, ask for details. If you do not agree with the citation, please do not argue at the scene. All citizens have the right to question their citation before a judge.

East Alabama Fire District

150 Fob James Drive, Valley, AL

150 Fob James Drive, Valley, AL

The East Alabama Fire District is composed of career staff who provide an array of emergency services to the City of Valley and surrounding areas. These services include but are not limited to advance life support and treatment and transport, fire emergency mitigation, technical rescues such as Swiftwater rescue, basic hazardous materials operations, and more.

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Non-emergency calls or questions regarding the fire and emergency services: 334-756-7170

Emergencies: 911