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City of Valley Mayor & City Council

Valley City Council meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month in the council chambers of Valley City Hall at 6 pm eastern time.

The City of Valley has a council of seven members and a mayor for a total of eight members.  This is an unusual structure since most Alabama cities the size of Valley have only five members and a mayor.  Valley’s district structure came from negotiations with the U.S. Justice Department and the City Council when the city converted from at-large voting to voting districts in 1992.  Two “safe” minority districts were created, and distribution of populations resulted in seven districts rather than five.  Valley’s district layout and odd seven-member council scheme was approved by the U.S. Federal Courts.

The Valley City Council stresses education and training for itself and for city employees.  Valley is one of only a few cities to have its entire council certified by the Alabama League of Municipalities as Certified Municipal Officials.  Several council members are only a few hours away from receiving Advanced Certificates.  This interest in training filters into all areas of the city as the council approves travel and expenses to support a large array of training courses for city employees.

Mayor & City Council

District 1

Jim Clark

District 2

Jim Jones

District 3

Randall Maddux

District 4

Marquetta Madden

District 5

Kendall Andrews

District 6

Henry Cooper

District 7

Jimmy Gilson